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Publish Our Work Workshop

Publishing your family stories workshop

Many of us inherit boxes and bundles of treasured family information, but it usually comes without a roadmap. Who is who in the photos? Which of two conflicting accounts is more accurate? Who wrote what? And, worst of all, where did all of this stuff come from?

When information is documented and published, it is available for current and future generations, and can be placed in permanent repositories.

The term publish can be misleading; it doesn’t mean that you have to generate entire books, or spend hundreds of dollars to print a book, or invest effort producing compact discs. Publishing involves preparing and disseminating. That can mean something as straightforward as creating an automatically generated pedigree chart and book text from your genealogy database.

The Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group and the Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogical Society co-sponsored a day-long workshop to help you publish your family stories. The workshop featured 24 sessions.

The syllabus for the workshop (i.e., a summary of the how-to write-ups, keypoints, and/or handoust used in the class) is available for purchase through our online store for US$ 10.00. We accept payment by major credit cards and PayPal. The price includes mailing via the United States Postal Service.

Please send mail orders to:

P.O. Box 23670
San Jose, CA 95153-3670 USA