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The best of the SVCGG PastFinder newsletter

Better Than Sliced Bread:
Genealogy and Technology

It takes a dedication and talent to publish an engaging newsletter month in and month out, year after year, let alone an award winning newsletter.  We are very lucky to have experienced writers who are deeply entrenched and active in family history research, who can help stay on top of the rapidly evolving technology of genealogy.

Cover of book Sliced Bread

This book is adapted from articles published over the last several years in PastFinder, the award winning monthly newsletter of the Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group.  We have created and updated a convenient collection of the most useful recent contributions.

Online ordering is available through our online store. We accept major credit cards. The price includes mailing via the United States Postal Service. Please send mail orders to:

P.O. Box 23670
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