Monthly Meetings

SVCGG has a general meeting the 2nd Saturday of every month except for Dec and a Reunion for the Mac meeting the 4th Thursday of every month except Nov/Dec. All of our meetings are free and open to the public. Anyone is welcome!

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Reunion Thursday Class!

May 26th, 4pm-5pm Pacific - Data Entry: Ways Reunion Makes It Easy by Martha Wallace

Class will use regular Thursday meeting link

Data Entry: Ways Reunion Makes It Easy

Reunion lets you store every scrap of information: names, dates, places, facts, tidbits, plenty of room for notes, memos, custom fields, contact information, marital status, research logs, and more. Let’s check out some of these and share tips for entering and arranging things to maximize your data entry experience.

Join us on Thursday May 26th!

June 2022 General Meeting:

June 11th - Online

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Meeting time: 10am-11:30am

Digging into Finding Aids: California Manuscript Collections

by Melissa Barker

Genealogists use all kinds of tools to help them with their genealogy research. One of the best tools to understand and use when working with Manuscript Collections is the Finding Aid. Archivists develop Finding Aids to help genealogists navigate through Manuscript Collections to find their ancestors. This presentation will help genealogists read, follow, and use a Finding Aid to find your ancestors in California records.

Upcoming SVCGG General Meetings

June 11th - Digging into Finding Aids: California Manuscript Collections with Melissa Barker

July 9th - Pasta or Potatoes: A Family Story with Teri Mortola

August 13th - Get Grammin' with Elizabeth Swanay O'Neal

Upcoming Reunion for the Mac Classes

May 26th - Data Entry - Ways Reunion Makes It Easy by Martha Wallace

June 23rd - Relatives and Relationships by Martha Wallace

July 28th - Fan Charts with Susan Rogers

August 25th - No Class

Ongoing Classes

Meetings online every week just to get together and have a general discussion on genealogy topics


General discussion about beginning genealogy topics

Time: 1pm-2pm


General discussion about intermediate/advanced genealogy topics

Time: 4pm-5pm Pacific