Monthly Meetings

SVCGG has a general meeting the 2nd Saturday of every month except for Dec and a Reunion for the Mac meeting the 4th Thursday of every month except Nov/Dec. All of our meetings are free and open to the public. Anyone is welcome!

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Reunion Thursday Class!

October 28th - Books in Reunion: Adding Documents by Bill George

Class will use regular Thursday meeting link

Books in Reunion: Adding Documents

How to create and edit beautiful front and back Reunion book covers. Also, how to insert PDF content into Reunion books & list in table of contents. There will be a quick review of Reunion Book creation and overview of the Reunion help pages.

Join us on Thursday October 28th!

October 2021 General Meeting:

October 9th - Online

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Meeting time: 10am-11:30am

We start the meeting at 9:45am for those that want to login early and visit.

Finding Images in Family Search

by Pamela Brigham

Family Search recently announced that they have finished digitizing all of their microfilms! Do you know how to find these images? While they have many of their images indexed, there are millions of images that are not indexed. Do you want to learn how to find your ancestors in these images? During this class we’ll look at the different ways you can search for microfilms and images on Family Search. We’ll look at how to access these images and find your ancestors in their pages!

Upcoming Reunion for the Mac Classes

October 28th - Books in Reunion: Adding Documents by Bill George

November 18th (NOTE: Week early due to Thanksgiving) - Reunion Lists by Martha Wallace

Ongoing Classes

Meetings online every week just to get together and have a general discussion on genealogy topics


General discussion about beginning genealogy topics

Time: 1pm-2pm


General discussion about intermediate/advanced genealogy topics

Time: 4pm-5pm Pacific